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History of Unsolicited Music for Euro-centric Rolling News Channels

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The Fall of Chip and Diane Perkins

Mission statement:
[Leverkusen 221112] Pre-initialization phase actual inventory and “Caga Tio missive” of key component features to be included within currently indefinite parameters to serve as a non-binding outline and/or functionally prescriptive role predicated on the apparent (non-) conflicts observable vis a vis linearity vs. the stochastic event (though emphatically eschewing rationalized “naturalism” e.g., most perniciously, in the bucolic “hill and vale” of broad, formalized 20th century classicism) within applicable contexts including, but not limited to, overall strategy, resource allocation, textual support, deployment and dissemination, commodity and enterprise, production, logistics, facilities (including light and heavy machinery), correspondence, training, litigation, security, and legacy: close management and assignment of tolerances i.e. the ideal moment to idealize contrasted against a tightly controlled introduction of unpredictable material wherein active feedback loops and informational noise anneal material formats via destabilization, misalignment, and reactive self-subterfuge, foreign bodies corrupting a heterogeneous host, molecules failing in death spiral chemtrail helices at the frayed edge of a societal fabric’s unbraided resignation under p.s.i. limits deliberately set at ranges insufficient to ensure even suboptimal functionality.