[StratRes013] Youth Championships - Organic Architecture
Cassette and digital album

Minimalist immersive spaces.

[StratRes012] Mr. & Mrs. Chip Perkins - Very Warm Regards
Cassette and digital album
Suburban New Jersey Dark Yuppy-core.

[StratRes011]moduS ponY and Belmont Lacroix - (Split)
moduS ponY and Belmont Lacroix share a tape, deconstruct stuff.

[StratRes010] Emerging Industries of Wuppertal - Transformation Cues
Cassette and digital album
Ceremonial music by controversial trade association Emerging Industries of Wuppertal.

[StratRes009] Belmont Lacroix - Rialto Boulevard
PWYL Digital album
The first EP by Belmont Lacroix, an experimental adult-contemporary recording artist based in Germany.

[StratRes008] Jöns - Music for Euronews
Cassette and digital album
Scores for news events which haven't occurred.

[StratRes007] VLK - Jack Wolfskin Made Me Hardcore
Video and free album
A 30-minute reconstruction of a popular Chris de Burgh ballad accompanying a video survey of schunkel-dancing, conga-lines and arrhythmic clapping.

[StratRes006] The Modern Door - Augmented Folk Ballads of the Leine Plain
Cassette and digital album
Doom-Folk, Drone-Polka and Psychedelic Death Schlager from Lower Saxony. Written/Performed by the Modern Door.

[StratRes005] Beauty Product - Wild Parvenu: Maxi-Single
Cassette and digital maxi-single
Luxury adult contemporary dancefloor heat for rich people who can't be bothered to move very fast. Sometimes too much still isn't enough.
The cassette version comes packaged with a glossy A3 motivational poster which should conform to most international cubical ornamentation guidelines.

[StratRes004] VLK - The End of Music
Free digital album

The End of Music is made entirely from the last sound in songs which were listed on the Billboard singles chart for the week beginning 25 December 1999.

[StratRes003] Efficient Processes for Synthetic Funk
Free digital album
The Strategic Tape Reserve guardedly presents the recordings from our recreation of the Efficient Processes for Synthetic Funk clinical trials. EPfSF was a Cold War-era research project which attempted to standardize low-input production methods for generating asymmetrical rhythms with military applications.
Full Efficient Processes for Synthetic Funk research paper:

[StratRes002] VLK - Shaq Fu: Da Return: Da Return
Free digital album

Shaq Fu: Da Return: Da Return is made entirely of sounds taken from Shaquille O'Neal's second album which have been processed by analog modular synthesizer and software and arranged to present an alternate context within which Shaq Fu might return.

[StratRes001] The Modern Door Live
The Modern Door
Recorded live in Hanover in December 2012
C50 hot pink cassette
4,00 + shipping
Email our enterprise consultants for purchasing information: vlksound3000 (at) gmail (dot) com

[Köln 160313] In full compliance with most international regulations in relation to the trafficking of ferrous materials, the Strategic Tape Reserve is now able to disseminate its inaugural commercial offering, The Modern Door Live cassette album. Recorded at live events over two nights in December 2012, the audio conveys pulsative and impulsive rhythms, structures and situations. While careening irresponsibly among noise, techno, psych and lullaby, further tensions soon become apparent between the opposing inertia of security and instability.